Friday, August 17, 2012

Hi 5 for Friday (X 3, since I didn't do one 2 weeks in a row)

Another end to another work week.  Some days I feel like I wish my life away just waiting for the glorious weekend.

1. Fi, for the use of her flat! She was an amazing host for my Olympic adventure.  (even though she was only there for 2 days).

2.  London's awesome public transportation system.  Without it, getting around London would be difficult and expensive.

3. Cadbury.  I love their chocolate.  I can't help myself.

4. The Olympics!  I have an absolutely fantastic time.  They were amazing, fun and something I will tell my grandkids, "Back when I was young, I went to the Olympics."

5. Sarah Schaffer.  She was a darling and picked me up to bring me to Leigh's final flight.  She is an absolute delight and I am so glad I got to meet her and her little one.  She is such a good friend to Leigh, too, so that makes her extra special.

6. Getting to see Leigh's final flight at Mildenhall.  I am so happy that I was there to share in her moment.  I even got to squirt her down with water. 

7. Spending the day in Caimbridge with Leigh.  So Fun, great sister time.

8. Lauren.  What can I say about my oldest friend? I am so thankful and happy that we got to do the one thing we have wanted to do pretty much our entire lives.  We went to the Olympics.  It wouldn't have been as special and wonderful with anyone else.  I am not sure anyone else geeks out quite as much about the Olympics as I do.  She is wonderful and extremely special to me.  The best.  <3>
9. My bed.  After spending 10 nights away from it, I was so happy to sleep in it again.

10. Dad, not only did he pick me up from the airport, but he took my car to get the oil changed this week while I was at work.  He's a good guy.

11. Mom.  She is good to me, and she is about to embark on a whole new chapter in her life. 

12.  My new purple wallet.  It rocks.

13. Draw Something.  My new obsession.

14. Beets.  Don't laugh. I love them.

15. Getting to spend time with Leigh while she is home. Heck its just nice to have her in a close time zone!

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