Friday, July 13, 2012

High 5. Friday.

Friday is here again, and this one is the 13th.  Hopefully, it will be lucky for some of the people in my life.  I am thankful for the following things this week. 

1. Tomatoes from the garden.  Good on sandwiches, in pasta and assorted other concoctions.  <3

2. An escape to Wildwood.  Makes the kid in me so happy.

3. To that end, Duffer's, Kohr's Bros, and Sam's Pizza. 

4. PB for allowing me to stay with her.  I am forever grateful for her, not just for letting me stay there, but for the love she gives to me, and for the tremendous love and support she gives mom.  It is funny how when you get older how much you appreciate the people that love your loved ones.

5.  The VERY nice boy from Sallie Mae who did NOT scream at me at me when I didn't understand what happened to my student loans.  (unlike the 1st guy I talked to who told me that for the 300th time, He didn't care to "fix my economic situation" when I was just asking where the additional $300 a month came from)

Have a good weekend all! :)

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