Friday, June 29, 2012

Last Friday in the month!

Today's Hi Five for Friday is brought to you by Dunkaroos! (only because I have had the song from the commercial for the last week) This week I am thankful for the following things:

1.  On Saturday, mom and I had a rocking spa day.  Complete with a massage, facial and manicure.  It was kind of crazy to have that much pampering, but it was really nice.  Thanks to Dad for getting us the gift certificate.

2. I started physical therapy this week and really had a hard time with it when my therapist Brian, taped up my knee.  It was a scary reminder of where I have been and how difficult the journey had been at times.  I have resolved to push through and work hard to help my knee.  I even rode the bike for 10 minutes, something I haven't done in 5 years. 

3. I love nail polish.  I bought a white and a sparkly blue for a $1.99 a piece to complete my patriotic finger nails.  Practicing to be super Team USA at the Olympics.

4. Fresh basil from mom's garden.  It smells like heaven and tastes amazing.  Although, I am convinced it is really a weed the way it has been taking over the garden.  Can't wait for all the other goodies to grow.

5.  My boyfriend M, got a job, and I am so thankful that prayers have been answered.  I hope it leads to good things in the future.  My cousin has a 2nd interview for a really good postition and I keep my prayers going and my fingers crossed.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday is here again!

This week's top 5 is brought to you by the letter F.  As in Friday.  And Fun.  And Fraggles.

1. I finally broke down and bought a Clinique Chubby Stick for the wedding makeup.  It was well worth the $16 price tag, as it was the right color and consistency.  I hate lipstick and the way it tastes and feels.  I think I look ridiculous wearing it.  But without any color, my lips look pale and sad when I am wearing makeup.  I got Super Strawberry and love it.

2. One of my very favorite eateries has finally reopened after over a year of being closed.  They had a fire last year and I have greatly missed their pizza turnovers and there hasn't been a good pizza to be had in all of south Jersey since. 

3.  I bought the new Skinny Cow swirled ice cream sandwiches.  AWESOME.

4.  Dice For Buddies on my phone :)

5. Mom and I made father's day dinner for my dad, and my boyfriend and his mom & brother came over.  It is a sad day for them, since his father passed away.  But it is so refreshingly wonderful how well my family and their family get along. I do not forget how lucky I am every day. 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday, Friday, Friday

I am keenly aware it has been well over two years since I wrote my last post.  I thought I would bring it back around by this High Five for Friday post.  Things that made me happy this week.  (Kind of like a things I am grateful for reminder).

1.  I saw a new doctor about my knee.  I am really happy with how honest and real she was.  I also appreciated how she actually listened to me.  It was a big positive.

2. The beautiful wooden chrysanthemum earrings mom brought me back from Alaska.  New favorite piece of jewelry.  Makes a girl very happy.

3. Cherries are BACK.  Nothing tastes quite as sweet as summer cherries.  I love them.

4. I have a good friend's wedding tomorrow and I will be very happy to spend the time sharing in their day.

5. The weather in this latter part of the week has been gorgeous! That is something to be truly grateful for.