Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wednesday Night Rambling

Well, it is two weeks until I will be back on US soil for the 1st time in so many months. I cannot say that I am not sad to leave London, but am quite pleased to be going home. I miss my bed and my ceiling fan and of course my family. I will miss the beautiful and eclectic city that London is. It really is a gateway to the rest of the world. The city is filled with millions of people from all over the place. Lauren works with people from all over the place, not just the UK. It is truly unique, like my favorite place in the city - Camden Market. It is the coolest market filled with stalls that are so random and fabulous at the same time. There is the Goth booth filled with all sorts of earrings (?) for all of your assorted piercings next to an Indian booth filled with beautiful tapestries and pashminas next to the girly-girl dress shop. It is so much fun to go and walk around to see all of the wares for sale. I will miss treking there to find a funky birthday present or just for something to do.

Strange as it may seem, I really want to get back to a job. While not working has been extremely relaxing, it is also boring! I also miss the steady cash flow. I am ready to leave London in that regard as well.

This weekend Lauren, Ilani (a co-worker of Lauren's who has become a wonderful friend) and I are going to Paris for a short trip. It is hard to be so close to the city and not go. After that, just a short week until I go home, oh and a U2 concert!!!!! (My tickets arrived and I am STOKED).


  1. how about a short trip to tanzania?? have fun in Paris!!

  2. Another U2 concert...I am jealous (finally! You are definitely the reason I began liking U2).

    Speaking of jobs ... Did you ever hear back from that lady who you introduced yourself to, as the girl writing her graduate thesis on debt relief????