Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Things I have learned....

My study abroad has been a truly wonderful experience and I know that I am tremendously fortunate to be able to be here. In my time here I have gotten to visit so many wonderful places outside of London like Bath and Salisbury here in England. I have also gone to Brussels, Bruges, Salizburg, Edinburgh, Rome, Florence, Venice, and Paris.

here are a few things I have learned:

I can navigate London, if you tell me that the place I am going to is a short distance from a tube station. Otherwise forget it.
I am crap with maps.
If you are waiting for a bus here in London, it will inevitably not show up. For instance, when we went to see Katy Perry, there was a tube strike. So we waited 45 minutes for a bus that never came.

Brits have terrible taste in music. I always have the DUMBEST songs stuck in my head.
I have adopted certain phrases and they will probably stick with me such as, "that is lovely" or saying "proper" a lot.

I love this city. Living here permanently is not going to work for me. Their beer is never cold enough, nor is there is solid drinking beer like yuengling or miller lite.
What is with the no free refills and the miniature drinks?

I love how accessable Europe is from London. It is so wonderful.

I will miss London desperately, but can't wait to try something new.
Baltimore and DC here I come...


  1. did you figure out your internship?? baltimore/dc??

  2. sounds like you have learned some things that will stick with you. I feel you on the new phrases that you will say when you get back home. I find my self saying I am going to take breakfast instead of eat breakfast. When you said you will say proper, that reminded me of Stephen and his "proper shoes" :)