Friday, July 3, 2009

Winding down

As July begins, I have finished up my classes here in London. I have mixed feelings about them. While I may have actually learned something in my Practical Philosophy class, I say this begrudgingly. The class was not at all what I anticipated to say the least. It was not at analytical approach to discussing philosophy and then talking about how the work of philosophers can be used today. Rather, each week unfolded to have a new and bizarre topic like, What is beauty? and Who am I? It was a bit more new age that I wanted it to be. But, I approached each week by saying to myself, how can this approach to life be useful in peacemaking and conflict resolution? I do think that I learned that I should appreciate the current moment for what it is, and not stress too much about tomorrow.
The economics class on the other hand was extremely enjoyable and useful. I loved every second of the class and am sad that I will not be able to continue on to the next section the school presents. I appreciated the fundamentals that were taught to give me a more solid economic background as I prepare for my thesis.

My time here in London is winding down and I can say that I am sad. LeighAnn came over 2 days ago and it has been so nice to see her. We are meeting mom and dad in Italy on Wednesday the 8th and touring the country until the 21st. Leigh leaves London on the 23. Not much longer and I am going home too. With the heat the way it has been, I will not miss the lack of AC that London has.

I am patiently awaiting to hear about my internship for the fall. I really want to work with Jubilee as I know that I am perfect for them, and I will learn so much about debt cancellation there. I would really like to know soon though so that if it is a no, I can try and find another one....
Hope everyone enjoys their 4th of July Holiday!
Miss you all!!!


  1. thanks for the update! happy 4th to you too!

  2. Yeah seriously you better get that internship at're that girl who's writing only her THESIS on it!

    Have fun touring the country with your fam! Sounds so exciting. Will be looking out for pictures :)