Thursday, June 11, 2009

Adventure in the Park

I decided that since the sun was actually shining, I was going to take my lunch and a book to the park for a while. Now I am used to the wildlife at Regent's park as there is a large water foul population that people like to feed. There are a million pigeons as well. But today was a bit different. I am sitting on my towel, chomping away on my Asian slaw and a squirrel comes rather close to my towel and looks at me as if to say, "May I have some?" (he says "may" instead of "can" because he is British). I look and the thing and yell "SHOO!" He moves to the back of the towel and basically stalks me for 25 minutes. I am threatened because I have nothing to throw at him and he could have rabies or something. Finally, after much shooing, he winds up in my grocery bag. Unfortunately for him, there was only toilet paper in the bag.
Here is a picture of the little stalker:


  1. How dare he infringe on your privacy! even in that picture he looks like he's scheming with his little paws...what a creeper.

  2. did you know gray squirrels are an invasive species to London?? indeed he IS threatening, and not just to you but to London's entire biodiversity! and perhaps he has feigned a British accent to convince the unsuspecting that he "may" have some lunch, but if you listen closely enough there is a raunchy, loud, Ameri- "can" underneath. :0)