Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The life and times

It has been some time since I last blogged, so I thought I would give an update. I have been having a wonderful time here in London. Last week Korissa came to visit and being the excellent hostess, we went on a whirl wind tour of London. We hit up pub tours, market, museums, Westminster Abbey, the Tower of London and even went to see the changing of the guard where the band played Thriller by Michael Jackson. HILARIOUS!!!
It was so nice to have some one from home to see and she brought me shoes, so I was extra happy. We had a great time shopping and laughing.

This weekend Lauren and I are off to Salzburg, Austria! We will not let the rain spoil our fun!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Adventure in the Park

I decided that since the sun was actually shining, I was going to take my lunch and a book to the park for a while. Now I am used to the wildlife at Regent's park as there is a large water foul population that people like to feed. There are a million pigeons as well. But today was a bit different. I am sitting on my towel, chomping away on my Asian slaw and a squirrel comes rather close to my towel and looks at me as if to say, "May I have some?" (he says "may" instead of "can" because he is British). I look and the thing and yell "SHOO!" He moves to the back of the towel and basically stalks me for 25 minutes. I am threatened because I have nothing to throw at him and he could have rabies or something. Finally, after much shooing, he winds up in my grocery bag. Unfortunately for him, there was only toilet paper in the bag.
Here is a picture of the little stalker:

Friday, June 5, 2009

The Pros and the Cons

Things I love about London:
  • The history. I love being in buildings that are 1000 years old. It amazes me, when the oldest buildings in the US are at best 400 years old.
  • The skyline. Looking out to see Parliament and St. Paul's is just really good for the soul.
  • Elderflower water.
  • The parks.
  • How conscious stores are of organic, vegetarian and fair trade items. I think that they are far more social-minded here. We are working on it at home, but here the organic milk and regular milk are right next to each other in the market (no gallon sizes here).
  • Wagamama, Hummus Bros., Brick Lane Curry, Camden Market, Ping Pong (the restaurant, not the game).
  • The beautiful parks: Regent's, Hyde, St. James, Green - there are so many to choose from.
Things I miss about home:
  • My bed.
  • Iced Tea - I think it woul be blasphemous to even ask for it here.
  • Large drinks (or free refills for that matter)
  • Potato Rolls
  • Ground chicken, do you know how hard it is to cook without one of your staple ingredients!?
  • other food that I am used to having or cooking with- like pasta sauce - I have had to make my own just sheerly based on the pint sized bottles of sauce they sell here. I have no idea how people with families do it. I guess they make their own sauce too.
  • My family. between the time difference and the cost of calling, it isn't as frequent as I am used to. Same goes for my friends - that god for technology!