Friday, May 8, 2009

Harrods and Taylor Swift

Yesterday I took the tube to Knightsbridge just to check out Harrods. I had been there once before, but didn't really experience its vast ridiculousness until this time around. So I walked through a bit and decided to head to the Food Halls. Crazy. The 1st section was the treats section, gourmet candy, chocolate, coffee and cakes. Then the next room had a sushi bar and a dim sum bar, right as you walked in and a market of exotic things you can't get at other markets. There was a seafood raw bar and a pizza parlour. It was crazy.
I then went up to check out the shoe boudoir. An appropriate name because the shoes in it were so costly, that it felt almost sinful to touch them! There was Chanel, Prada, Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin, *sigh*. If I were rich!

Last evening, Lauren and I traveled to Shepard's Bush to see a sold out Taylor Swift show. Pretty amazing given that she is a country artist making it big in the UK. Not exactly cowboy country. We waiting outside the venue for 1/2 hour before getting inside. There were a ton of teenage screaming girls who were so excited to see "Tayla, Tayla, Tayla!" There were also a lot of older men, not all dads, who knew every word to every song. Kind of strange. She performs very well and really rocks out. It was a good time all around.


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  2. oooooooh I love Taylor Swift :) All sounds so fun-wish I was there!