Thursday, May 28, 2009

Funny things Brits ask me

In my classes, we have a 20 minute break to have coffee or tea and inevitably one of the Brits asks me funny questions. I get the same questions quite often, like
"Do people really take Fox News seriously?" (it isn't a comedy channel)
"Aren't you excited to have Obama as president?" (I hadn't really thought I was excited about it)
Other funny questions include:
"What is Philadelphia known for?" To which I respond with, "In what sense?" "Well, did anything happen historically there?" (yes, we cracked a bell and then ate cheesesteaks.)
And my personal favorite:
"I've heard that most Americans do not have passports, is that true? Do you know how many do?" (actually, of the 307,212,123 Americans, about 104,008,105 have passports, though some have expired.)

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