Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bath Excursion

Yesterday Lauren and I went to Bath. Home of the Lady of Bath - from the Canterbury tales. The city was really beautiful and I was so happy that we took the tour. It was very informative. The whole area is done in the Palladium style of architecture and all of the building facades use a limestone. The Roman baths still remain, but we did not go in the museum, and rather went to the Jane Austen Center. She lived in Bath for about 5 years and the time there inspired two of her novels, Persuasion and Northanger Abbey. There were the cutest and cheesiest souvenirs such as the I <3 Mr. Darcy bag and lots of books about the life of Jane Austen. I wonder if Colin Firth knows that his likeness is everywhere...

As we were walking through Bath, we saw two Hen parties pass by. The Hen party is the British equivalent to the Bachelorette party, but a million times more silly. One group was dressed as Sandy and the Pink Ladies from the last scene of Grease. The other was dressed in some sort of crappy 80s attire. I totally want a fancy dress bachelorette - totally ridiculous and WAY more interesting!

We walked a lot and by the end of the day were quite tired. For those of you not on facebook, here is a link to my pictures on shutterfly...


  1. i like the updates, Jen, miss your face around here!

  2. colin firth everywhere? I'm just a bit jealous over here.