Thursday, May 28, 2009

Funny things Brits ask me

In my classes, we have a 20 minute break to have coffee or tea and inevitably one of the Brits asks me funny questions. I get the same questions quite often, like
"Do people really take Fox News seriously?" (it isn't a comedy channel)
"Aren't you excited to have Obama as president?" (I hadn't really thought I was excited about it)
Other funny questions include:
"What is Philadelphia known for?" To which I respond with, "In what sense?" "Well, did anything happen historically there?" (yes, we cracked a bell and then ate cheesesteaks.)
And my personal favorite:
"I've heard that most Americans do not have passports, is that true? Do you know how many do?" (actually, of the 307,212,123 Americans, about 104,008,105 have passports, though some have expired.)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Student ID

LOVE that they are student friendly here in the UK. 3 pounds off at the movies. 10% off a pair of jeans. Discounted rates on tours. Even shoe stores give student discounts. I LOVE that. :)

I has been a week...

since I last blogged. I have been a bit lacking on the blog, due to the purchase of the final 2 Harry Potter books, which I have been reading like a fiend all over again. At any rate, Lauren and I went on a London Walks Explorer day to the Cotswolds last Saturday and I loved it. The little hamlets were idyllic and exactly what you would think England would look like when Shakespeare was writing his plays. It was truly picture perfect.
I am still in search of a job, after I realized my mobile # was wrong on my CV. I just do not understand why, if you have a sign stating you need a waitress, you haven't called me yet (and yes I fixed the phone # issue at this place.) I just want to be able to enjoy myself and not worry about budgeting my funds, as well as have something to do every once in a while.
Tuesday I went to Stonehenge and Salisbury, nice to see, but no need to go back.
Classes have been going well - it is fun to switch up the nights that I attend to get a different perspective from the different groups of people that go to each night.
All for now, hope everyone is well! Miss you all.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Harrods and Taylor Swift

Yesterday I took the tube to Knightsbridge just to check out Harrods. I had been there once before, but didn't really experience its vast ridiculousness until this time around. So I walked through a bit and decided to head to the Food Halls. Crazy. The 1st section was the treats section, gourmet candy, chocolate, coffee and cakes. Then the next room had a sushi bar and a dim sum bar, right as you walked in and a market of exotic things you can't get at other markets. There was a seafood raw bar and a pizza parlour. It was crazy.
I then went up to check out the shoe boudoir. An appropriate name because the shoes in it were so costly, that it felt almost sinful to touch them! There was Chanel, Prada, Jimmy Choo and Christian Louboutin, *sigh*. If I were rich!

Last evening, Lauren and I traveled to Shepard's Bush to see a sold out Taylor Swift show. Pretty amazing given that she is a country artist making it big in the UK. Not exactly cowboy country. We waiting outside the venue for 1/2 hour before getting inside. There were a ton of teenage screaming girls who were so excited to see "Tayla, Tayla, Tayla!" There were also a lot of older men, not all dads, who knew every word to every song. Kind of strange. She performs very well and really rocks out. It was a good time all around.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bath Excursion

Yesterday Lauren and I went to Bath. Home of the Lady of Bath - from the Canterbury tales. The city was really beautiful and I was so happy that we took the tour. It was very informative. The whole area is done in the Palladium style of architecture and all of the building facades use a limestone. The Roman baths still remain, but we did not go in the museum, and rather went to the Jane Austen Center. She lived in Bath for about 5 years and the time there inspired two of her novels, Persuasion and Northanger Abbey. There were the cutest and cheesiest souvenirs such as the I <3 Mr. Darcy bag and lots of books about the life of Jane Austen. I wonder if Colin Firth knows that his likeness is everywhere...

As we were walking through Bath, we saw two Hen parties pass by. The Hen party is the British equivalent to the Bachelorette party, but a million times more silly. One group was dressed as Sandy and the Pink Ladies from the last scene of Grease. The other was dressed in some sort of crappy 80s attire. I totally want a fancy dress bachelorette - totally ridiculous and WAY more interesting!

We walked a lot and by the end of the day were quite tired. For those of you not on facebook, here is a link to my pictures on shutterfly...