Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tell me all your thoughts on God

I was driving home tonight in the rain and listening to some U2 as I had just been talking to Eunice and Melissa LawPenrose about U2 - Melissa and I telling Eunice how awesome they are. I started to think about my thoughts on God and religion. I have had the feeling that the more I have learned about the world, the less I know about my beliefs.
Here is what I do know:
I believe in God and pray often.
The God I believe in doesn't judge people based on their race, sexual orientation or system of belief.
This God made humans in its likeness, and therefore we are all the same.
This God also gave humans intelligence and the ability to create things to help others, we should embrace this search for knowledge and not fear it.
I believe that God entrusts humanity to humans, and we are to help our fellow man.
I believe that the Lord has been trying to tell me what I should be doing with my life for a very long time, it has just taken me a long time to hear the message.
I believe in the possibilities of Christianity and am frightened by the limitation and prejudices that organized religion puts into place.
I think that sometimes religion gets in the way of God.

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  1. I like that, according to Scripture, Jesus:

    -hung out with prostitutes
    -talked to women. in a culture where that just wasn't cool
    -got arrested
    -forgave the very people who persecuted him
    -taught (active) nonviolence
    -didn't go to "church" on could be anywhere, really. what is the purpose of church anyway?
    -spat in that one blind guy's eyes to make him see. seriously. i'm sure the blind guy could just as well have regained his sight without Jesus' spit.

    ....lately I've given up on the theological stuff