Sunday, April 19, 2009

Excitement and aprehension

It is finally here. I leave for London on Friday for 3 months. I have been dreaming of how exciting it was going to be for so many months, and it is now right on the horizon. I have a myriad of emotions swirling through my head. I am so excited to see everything and live in London. They posted the syllabus for my class and it looks so amazing that I can't wait to get in there.
My last day of work is on Wednesday and I am SO excited to leave workers' compensation but sad to leave the people I have grown to love. I am scared as hell to be quitting my job, and the security I have become accustomed to. Most of all, I am broken up about leaving my family, since I graduated from college, I have lived with them and really gotten close to them - more so than when I was a kid. I love and appreciate the unwavering support and unconditional love they have provided me with and I will miss them desperately. They are my rock and while I am so happy to be setting my feet upon the road to begin the rest of my life, I am sad to leave without them.

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