Thursday, April 30, 2009

Class and exploration

Tuesday night I had my first class, Economics with Justice. I loved it, I could seriously take that class every day and be completely happy. We have barely scratched the surface of what we will discuss in the weeks to come, but I am loving it. I am a bit less certain about the Philosophy class that I am going to tonight, we are discussing how ancient philosophers are their thought are still applicable today. Interesting...

Yesterday I spent the afternoon at the Victoria and Albert Museum. It was amazing. They had the coolest exhibits that were unlike any history or art museum. I spent literally an hour in the Jewelry exhibit that had jewelry dating back to 1500 BC! It was spectacular. There was an exhibit with costumes from plays and concerts that was really fun as well.

Random note. They pick up trash like 6 times a day here. Weird.


  1. hey Jen!! we miss you!!

    saw this and thought of you..

  2. Economics with Justice sounds really interesting - do they know Carolyn? :) Maybe you can introduce her to your new classmates and prof/s. If you are reading any cool books, please let me know!

  3. lol, that's because they tell everyone to throw their crap on the streets because they're afraid of bombs being placed in streetside trash cans (at least that's what they told us 10 years ago when I went) :) Glad you love your class so far!!