Monday, March 23, 2009


Going to Ukraine was truly an amazing experience. It was so interesting to see a nation trying to move and grow. Kiev was a cool city, but Crimea was the most beautiful place. The mountains literally dropped off into the sea and the air was crisp and cool.
Of all of the things that I liked about Ukraine, was the warmth of the people who lived there. Our 1st tour guide, Anastacia showed us the cutest group of seniors dancing on Sunday night in the subway station. They were so sweet!
When we got to Yalta, the cook in the hotel was so concerned that we hadn't eaten enough breakfast. Igor, our tour guide, brought me flowers on my birthday. We went to dinner at a Georgian restaurant and the staff was so sweet to us, so much so, that when we returned on Thursday night and they were closing - coats on and ready to go, they opened their doors and cooked a whole meal for us. The extreme warmth of these people is over whelming and amazing, and a sad commentary on the lack of this in Western Culture

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